Friday, August 5, 2011

INDEX to my Blogs

There are 4 blogs covering generally scientific topics.

1. Tech Notes on contemporary topics.
2. Educational Writeups and Tutorials
3. Indian Space related activities
4. Tutorials on Earth Station Topics

Links below transfer you to respective posts in each blog.

Latest post appears on top of each list.

1. Tech Notes on contemporary topics.

 -   Physical encounters of Philae with Comet !!
 -   Jamming of satellites .. What we feared all these years has finally happened
 -    Eclipse of Venus on 6th June 2012
 -   Energy efficient street lighting
 -  A star appeared only for 8 months ..  2000 years ago
 -  Do Cellphone towers lead to Cancer?
 -  Apollo landing sites ..  Imaged by Lunar Orbiter
 -  Meghatropiqes
 -  Launch Video Notes
 -  Two innovations to Charge Cellphones
 -  Total Lunar Eclipse
 -  Don't cry in Space
 -  World class Underground Lab
 -  Two flying feats in one week
 -  Technology at what cost? Why solar electricity is not efficient in India?
 -  Asteroids, Meteors and their impact locations in India.
 -  Which places are the best for Astronomical observations?
 -  'Two Suns' in News

3. Indian Space related activities

   -   IRNSS the Indian Navigation System
   -   How was MOM/Mangalyaan placed in Martian Orbit ( MOI of MOM )
   -    MAVEN and MOM .. how will they achieve Martian orbit?
   -   A look at the satellites launched by PSLV C23
   -   MOM ( Manglyaan )       Notes about distances and speeds
   -   Spotlight MOM               India's Mars Probe ( Mangalyan ) is explained
                                               in  Q & A  fashion
   -  GSAT 14 launch using GSLV
   -  Mangalyaan leaves Earth   Details about Interplanetary orbit insertion of MOM
   -  MOM orbit Graphics        Details about how  MOM orbit was raised
   -  Mangalyaan ..  ISRO's Mars Probe  Explanatory note about Mission MOM
   -  New Launchpad of ISRO Proposed site for ISRO's 2nd Launch facility
   -  Meghatropics Orbit           Meghatropiques, Indo-French joint venture probe
   -  Desi Shuttle                      Indigenous Reusable Shuttle  Plan details

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